We at PLaY want to be your partner in living a life that is healthy and stress-free.

In a beautiful space surrounded by art, music and nature practice yoga, meditation,and breath work.Join our expert and compassionate instructors on a path to ultimate health!




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Having spent a combined 70+ years in hospitals we looked to make the shift from “delivering “ healthcare to partnering with our friends and neighbors on a passage to wellness. Following a long and happy path to well-being, we found some amazing tools and came to build this house we call PLaY.

Under our roof are things that feed the soul, delight the senses and promote good health. Yoga, Meditation, Acupuncture, Pranayama, Essential Oils, Art, and Music. Look for stimulating talks from leading educators in all the fields of wellness.

PLaY more! We strongly promote fun and games. XOX

Terri Speck Founder Yoga Instructor

Ed Mullen MD Founder Medical Director

Thank you to the kind people at The Daily Star for sharing our story.

Couple bringing Peace Love and Yoga to Roxbury.

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Terri Speck

Lauren Gonzalez

Kaitlin Kertesz

Rich Krieg

Laurie Sanford

Ann Donohue Bicknell

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