Terri Speck has spent her career working with cancer patients in the field of Radiation Oncology. As a board certified physicist ,holding a masters degree, she has enjoyed the deep satisfaction of providing care to those who are greatly in need.
As a long time practitioner of yoga, she understood the practice of yoga to be an opportunity to provide more complete care for both the patients and staff and began a pursuit of complementary medicine.

In 2009 she entered Urban Zens Integrative therapy program in its inaugural year.
The program, supervised and taught by famous Iyangar style yoga instructors Colleen Staidman Yee and Rodney Yee, deepened her practice and commitment to provide support for patients and caregivers.
Through the course of the year, monthly weekend retreats by various leaders and innovators in the fields of complementary medicine taught and shared their wisdom.

These included:
Roshi Joan Halifax,Buddhist Teacher,Priedt author and founder of Upaya Zen Center , Death and Dying curriculum
Tracy Griffiths RPP,RPE and CMT Essential Oils Weekend Seminar
Pamelia Miles Reiki Teachers training seminar
Richard Rosen,Director Piedmont Yoga Ca. Yoga teachers training weekend with pranayama
Nutrition Weekend Training with Jill Pettijohn,RN,Woodson Merrel,MD,Mehmet Oz,MD
In 2010 She went on retreat at Kripalu Center in Massachusetts and participated in the 200 hour yoga teachers training “The life of a Yogi” taught by highly regarded and esteemed Yogi Sri Dharma Mittra. Sri Mittra studied and practices with Sri Swami Kailashananda, who is known as the first yogi to bring yogi to the west.
She has registration with Yoga Alliance, the national Yoga Teacher Training Certification Alliance.
Continuing Education
Restorative Yoga teachers training with Muriel Pellizi May 2018
Yoga Nidra Teachers Training Nick Atlas PhD October 2019
Sequencing with Joy Teachers Training July 2021 MC Yogi Amanda Giacommetti
In 2010 Terri began a year long program at the New York Zen Center. Under the direction of Roshi Enky O’Hara PhD,Robert Chodo Campbell HHC,Kosin Paley Ellison,MFA,LMSW the course provides a foundation in Buddhist Contemplative Care. This year long course includes weekly visits at Hospice and Monthly didactic session to develop the skills required for contemplative care of caregivers and end of life care.

Terri opened a wellness practice in 2011 , Complementary Care, which offered yoga, and complementary support to restore wellness. Bringing together some of the best in the various fields of complementary medicine including, nutrition, massage therapy, acupuncture,Reiki, essential oils and of course, yoga.

In 2019 , in partnership with her husband Edward Mullen MD Terri built a yoga studio/wellness space in the beautiful Catskill mountains, bringing the healing practice of yoga and complementary care to the serenity of the Catskill Mountains.

In 2023 Terri completed her 300 hour YTT with Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman at Yoga Shanti in Sag Harbor, thus incorporating the Iyengar style of alignment based practice into her teaching.

Empowered Relief.In 2024 Terri took the Stanford University Course designed to help those sufferering with chronic back pain.This class is an evidence-based pain treatment.Developed by pain psychology scientists at Stanford University.Delivered internationally. She ius currently enrolled in a year long study with Spirit Rock Meditation Center to include the Dharma in Yoga.

Her style of yoga instruction is faithful to the very traditional style Sri Dharma Mittra which incorporates a gentle flow style with a strong spiritual base suitable for all levels of practitioner.Terri likes to add an element of playfulness into her teachings. Dont we all need a little more lightness?