You may be surprised when you take your yoga class to find you’re not actually moving at all! New comers to the practice are often surprised to discover that there are many parts, or “limbs” in a yoga practice , and the asana , or moving practice people are familiar with, is just one limb.

We begin our class with some form of meditation. Its both grounding and helps with the transition from outside world to mat. Additionally, there is a world of scientific data which supports the meditation practice for stress relief. This in turn reduces inflammation in the body, which has been shown to have a strongly negative effect on overall health.

One of our favorite forms of medication is the practice known as Kirtan Kriya. It includes chanting, a mudra (hand movement) ,visualization and alternating intonation. Traditionally a 12 minute meditation , this practice has been shown in many scientific studies to reverse decline in attention and memory. Sign me up!