We at PLaY believe there are experiences that can nourish our body and feed our soul. We believe when we share those experiences with like-hearted friends, lives change.

Come and explore our programs, yoga, meditation, hear thought provokers, thought disruptors, or just find inspiration in our thoughtfully designed space surrounded by art, music, and nature. Stroll the grounds and breathe deep. Finding the right combination of play will reveal the childhood joy that still lives in all of us.




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September 2022


4:00 pm
5:00 pm

Healing Sound Journey facilitated by Paul Campbell

Magical Instruments

Paul Campbell’s lifelong partnership with percussion and creativity finds fruition in presenting Healing Sound Journeys to rooms of new friends, for both corporate and private sessions. Paul sculpts the sound and vibration of each Healing Sound Journey with his hand-selected family of instruments including Gongs, RavVast tongue drum, singing bowls, ocean drum, tuning forks and more. Each Journey we take has a destination so we invite you to bring your heart based intention for your mental, emotional and spiritual destination. Adventure awaits.


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Mats and bolsters are available. If you prefer a seat, please bring your own. Thank you!

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11:30 am
4:00 pm

Yoga and Kayak Adventure!

Join us for a yoga and kayak adventure!


Start the day at PLaY with a gentle yoga practice. Then on to a  Picnic lunch with delicious options from SweetPeas in Halcottsville at Susans Pleasant Pheasant Farm. Then we kayak, canoe,paddleboard,swim and hike at Susans Pleasant Pheasant Farm. This event is suitable for all levels/ages.


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Yoga @ 11:30

Lunch @12:45

Boating & Hiking till sunset!


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About Us

Having spent a combined 70+ years in hospitals we looked to make the shift from “delivering “ healthcare to partnering with our friends and neighbors on a passage to wellness. Following a long and happy path to well-being, we found some amazing tools and came to build this house we call PLaY.

Under our roof are things that feed the soul, delight the senses and promote good health. Yoga, Meditation, Acupuncture, Pranayama, Essential Oils, Art, and Music. Look for stimulating talks from leading educators in all the fields of wellness, make an appointment for pain management from our in house Medical Director using primarily cannabis. We offer nutritional counseling from our in house Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and  fitness plans from our certified fitness trainer.

PLaY more! We strongly promote fun and games. XOX

Terri Speck Founder Yoga Instructor

Ed Mullen MD Founder Medical Director

Thank you to the kind people at The Daily Star for sharing our story.

Couple bringing Peace Love and Yoga to Roxbury.


Kaitlin Kertesz

Yoga Dan Gottlieb

Rich Krieg

Laurie Sanford


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We want to hear from you! Simply say hi or let us know how we can add value to the community.

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