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In this workshop, yogis will learn how awareness of basic concepts can inform one’s practice and bring
more ease and understanding to asanas and transitions. Participants will learn essential anatomical
terms, awareness of the pelvis and scapula, and about how subtle changes in weight placement can
affect balance and freedom of movement. These insights will assist in proper alignment, joint protection
(knees, shoulders, wrists, hips), core engagement, and making space for the spine and flow of breath
and prana.
In every pose, the yogi can think about Breath, Alignment, making Space, the Intention of the pose,
Curiosity in noticing and being present, and experiencing a bit of Sivasana, or surrender.

Who should attend this workshop?

Beginners or seasoned yogis and teachers who want to add some new perspectives to their practice.

Presenter’s Brief Bio:
Amy Gissen already had a background in dance and fitness when she became a devoted yogi in 2000,
studying with Cyndi Lee and Om Yoga in New York City, and went on to receive her RYT in 2002. Amy is
also a physical therapist (PT) and has been working at NYU Langone Health for 25 years. She realized
early on how her yoga training and practice influenced her work as a PT and vice versa. Her teaching
style has always emphasized using anatomical awareness and kinesthetic knowledge to encourage
students to practice with correct intention regardless of individual anatomy or limitations.

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About Us

Having spent a combined 70+ years in hospitals we looked to make the shift from “delivering “ healthcare to partnering with our friends and neighbors on a passage to wellness. Following a long and happy path to well-being, we found some amazing tools and came to build this house we call PLaY.

Under our roof are things that feed the soul, delight the senses and promote good health. Yoga, Meditation, Acupuncture, Pranayama, Essential Oils, Art, and Music. Look for stimulating talks from leading educators in all the fields of wellness.

PLaY more! We strongly promote fun and games. XOX

Terri Speck Founder Yoga Instructor

Ed Mullen MD Founder Medical Director

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We want to hear from you! Simply say hi or let us know how we can add value to the community.

Address: 221 Hillcrest Drive, RoxburyNY, 12474

Phone: 607-326-6333