We at PLaY believe there are experiences that can nourish our body and feed our soul. We believe when we share those experiences with like-hearted friends, lives change.

Come and explore our programs, yoga, meditation, hear thought provokers, thought disruptors, or just find inspiration in our thoughtfully designed space surrounded by art, music, and nature. Stroll the grounds and breathe deep. Finding the right combination of play will reveal the childhood joy that still lives in all of us.




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January 2022


10:00 am
4:00 pm

Yoga + Snowshoe Hike = Fun $ 75

Are you ready to PLaY? We are   so happy to offer this super fun event! Join us for a day filled with friends, fresh air, and new challenges. Start your day with us at PLaY and beloved Yoga Dan , and enjoy an invigorating yoga session.

Yoga Dan

Then join us for a healthy lunch (optional). At 1 pm we head out to Snowshoe with inimitable guide Moe Lemire!

Moe Lemire is a Licensed Guide by the State of New York (#7788).

Moe is an experienced hiker and camper with experience hiking and camping throughout the eastern and southwestern United States, along with experience hiking a number of long distance hiking trails.

You’ll learn a new skill,meet some new friends and get to PLaY again!

Email us for more details and to register!


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1:00 pm
2:30 pm

Start the New Year with Intention: Integrating Yoga & Spiritual Practice into Daily Life

Start the New Year with Intention: Integrating Yoga & Spiritual Practice into Daily Life


Do you know what you “should” be doing to consistently feel better throughout your day but find yourself unable to keep showing up for daily yoga, meditation or another meaningful spiritual practice?

This is a great time of year to build routines and practices that deeply nourish and support you. And you don’t have to figure out how to do it alone!

In this 90-minute interactive workshop, you’ll learn 5 proven habit change techniques for creating a more consistent spiritual practice that leaves you feeling easeful, grounded and connected, (and that you will actually be able to stick to!). We’ll use song, guided meditation, journaling, and discussion as tools to investigate practical and sacred ways to bring sustainable spiritual practice into your daily routine as a firm anchor amidst life’s inevitable ups and downs.

You’ll walk away with:
– Tangible ways to set yourself up for “success” this year – whatever that looks like for you!
– Ideas to create more space in your day for spiritual practice even if you have a busy schedule
– Simple practices to help cultivate long-term, sustainable commitment to your spiritual practices and journey

Bio: Chelsea Frisbee is a coach, spiritual mentor, writer and massage therapist who brings groups together around deep earth connection, self inquiry, and sacred rest.  She weaves creativity, play, body work, and place-based, Earth-centered feminine spirituality together with accountability and community to create transformation on a personal and collective level. She merges the practical with the sacred to help people move from stuck to unstuck by slowing down, cultivating their intuition, and building powerful spiritual practices so they can navigate life with more ease and joy. She lives in the rolling hills and valleys of her ancestral homeland of Delhi, NY where rivers, fields, trees and birds teach her every day how to slow down, to find ease, to ground and to build meaningful depth and connection.
Facebook page: @chelseafrisbeecoaching
Instagram: @chelseafrisbee
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8:00 am
5:00 pm

200 Hour YTT at PLaY

PLaY Hosts Hathavidya 200 hour YTT

The world needs more leaders and healers. Could this be the right time to find your community and your voice? PLaY is pleased to collaborate with  Hathavidya Yoga  to offer this special opportunity.Whether your goal is to deepen your practice or bring others along on the journey, Hathavidya will help you  get there. Training will be held  1 weekend/month May-October and 2 midweek virtual sessions.For more information on Hathavidya click here

Question email us at .

Follow us on instagram @playcatskills

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12:00 pm
1:00 pm

Roxbury Boxing Club Individual and Group Lessons now at PLaY

New at PLaY

Ready to have some fun and get fit too? PLaY is so pleased to announce Boxing at PLaY! with Mike McFadden. Individual and group lessons are available.

“When it comes to fitness, the reality is that real results require hard work, determination, and a personalized approach that fits your specific lifestyle and goals. I’m here to bring it all together so that you can get a comprehensive, customized fitness experience where you can finally see the results you’ve been working towards.” Mike McFadden

For More Information , CLICK HERE

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About Us

Having spent a combined 70+ years in hospitals we looked to make the shift from “delivering “ healthcare to partnering with our friends and neighbors on a passage to wellness. Following a long and happy path to well-being, we found some amazing tools and came to build this house we call PLaY.

Under our roof are things that feed the soul, delight the senses and promote good health. Yoga, Meditation, Acupuncture, Pranayama, Essential Oils, Art, and Music. Look for stimulating talks from leading educators in all the fields of wellness, make an appointment for pain management from our in house Medical Director using primarily cannabis. We offer nutritional counseling from our in house Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and  fitness plans from our certified fitness trainer.

PLaY more! We strongly promote fun and games. XOX

Terri Speck Founder Yoga Instructor

Ed Mullen MD Founder Medical Director

Thank you to the kind people at The Daily Star for sharing our story.

Couple bringing Peace Love and Yoga to Roxbury.



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