It has been a long but gratifying path for the eventual acceptance of marijuana (medical marijuana or what I will refer to as medical cannabis) as a legitimate tool to address the symptoms of a variety of chronic conditions (these are conditions that the patient has for a long time,  weeks, months, years).  New York State has allowed the use of medical cannabis since 2014. 
I am a retired Radiation Oncologist and have been aware for many years of the sometimes dramatic benefit that marijuana or its derivatives can have in improving the quality of life of many patients. Typically my patients would have a diagnosis of cancer, and had problems with maintaining their weight which was often caused by loss of appetite from treatment (radiation of chemotherapy) or the progressive disease. In my hands I saw about 50% of these patients have a marked improvement in appetite with a weight gain and improved mental outlook. These were FDA approved medications-pills- that required a prescription and were often not cheap.There has been, however, a lot of research looking at the benefit of CBD (cannabidiols), THC ( the psychoactive compound  that produces the ‘high’ or euphoric effect) or in a variety of combinations to address the debilitating symptoms of a fairly broad collection of disorders.These include:
Nausea and vomiting often caused by chemotherapy. Chronic pain that degrades the health of the patient, especially as an alternative to opioids.
Wasting syndromes or chronic weight loss. Cancer associated with severe symptoms. Inflammatory bowel disease. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Neuropathy- pain caused by damage to peripheral nerves such as Diabetes, HIV or AIDS , Parkinson’s Disease and others

Taking care of a patient with one of these disorders can require multiple physicians and caretakers. Often times there is a lack of awareness in the medical community regarding the benefits of medical cannabis.If you think medical cannabis might be something that could help you or a loved one, call us and make an appointment to talk.