PLaY is so happy to offer you this fun and interesting day here in the beautiful Catskill Mountains!

Start your day with a wonderful Yoga class at 10am with none other then our beloved @YogaDan. Yoga Dan (Daniel Gottlieb) is a NYC-based Detroit transplant specializing in Sports / Performance / Recovery Programming. NPI-Certified Posture Specialist (NPI-CPSTM) With 20+ years’ experience, YD started his athletic career playing college basketball. Due to a severe back injury his basketball career was cut short. Frustrated with the lack of progress using conventional methods YD discovered yoga and healed himself back to recovery and full strength. It is through this experience that he honed his knowledge of bio-mechanics. Today he’s developed a practice that brings together his passions for sports and yoga to create a wholistic approach to wellness with a focus on injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Then we’ll break feeling restored and renewed and share a meal and stories with like minded friends.

After lunch , we follow the inimitable Moe Lemire for a fascinating snowshoe through his beloved catskill mountains.


Moe Lemire is a Licensed Guide by the State of New York (#7788).

Moe is an experienced hiker and camper with experience hiking and camping throughout the eastern and southwestern United States, along with experience hiking a number of long distance hiking trails.

In 2016 Moe thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. On his thru-hike of the entire trail, he spent 179 days traversing a total of 2189 miles. He has also hiked the 358 mile Long Path, the 170 mile Cohos Trail, and the 138 mile Northville Placid Trail.

Moe is a Catskill 3500 Club member, having climbed all 35 peaks in the Catskills above 3,500 feet, both in the summer and in the winter. He is currently working on his Catskill Park All Trails Patch and the Catskills Grid.

Moe is the New York State Advocate for the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics. His goal in this role is to spread knowledge about the seven Leave No Trace principles in New York.

Learn the ins and outs of snow showing, the catskill mountains, and the wildlife that makes its home here.

Expect the day to end by 4 PM

Learn More about Moe Lemire and Hikes on Guides!

Cost $75 preregister and $85 day of.

Yoga + Hike

Yoga + Hike

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Thursday with Candace 5:30

Friday with Terri 5:30

Saturday with Rob 10 am

Sunday with Rob 10 am

Now, more then ever, we need to be able to reconnect to what brings us joy, allows us to play, and appreciate being alive. During the pandemic , we may need to become more creative in finding play, but the science supports the importance ; especially during these challenging times.

The importance of play for mental, emotional, and physical health can not be minimized. Too many of us have decided doing something “just for fun” has limited value. Perhaps we feel there’s no time for play or have just forgotten how to do it, but we’ve lost something so vital to a life worth living.

What play gives is access to is that feeling of losing sense of time, and an abandonment of self-consciousness that psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihaly refers to as “flow” – complete absorption in a creative, playful or otherwise challenging activity. Whats the upside? Firstly, we’re happier! Additionally, it relieves stress, we’re more creative, and we build healthier relationships.

“Play is not a frill. Its what makes us fully human” says psychologist Michael Alcee, PHd. Consider choosing from all the wonderful PLaY options – physical (Yoga , of course!) Social play , and outdoor play . Just give yourself permission and jump in!