CBD is all natural and derived from the hemp plant. Both science and anecdotal patient reporting points to 4 main uses for CBD, pain relief, inflammation, neuro balance and sleep aid.

Science shows that safe federally regulated products such as MENDI CBD, interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is in charge of your bodies homeostasis.

Briefly, CBD supports the natural neurotransmitter in our bodies that helps with pain relief. CBD Helps process Omega 3s which helps resolve inflammation, and CBD Binds to a receptor which triggers serotonin release (our feel good hormone) This MAY lead to a reduction in stress and anxiousness and help balance mood. Very early results in a study at Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University showed some reduction in beta-amyloid plaque production in patients administered CBD, (the precursor to Alzheimers disease) although this needs much more follow up study.

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